Friday, January 4, 2008

Unique Enterprises University Day: What We Publish

University Day... Take an author, aspiring and pubbed, to school day. And no, you don't have to leave your house. We don't care if you come in your jammies, if your hair is sticking out in eleventy forty-seven directions or if you have dragon breath. University Day is an opportunity for us to take a look at what we've learned along the way, help and encourage each other, and maybe, just maybe, learn something new.

What We Publish

We publish quality romantic fiction: By Grace-- inspirational, sweet/tender, chick lit, light paranormal, romantic comedy. By Grace publishes 2 themed anthologies: June's Brides and Bouquets and a spooky anthology in September. Brides and Bouquets centers around the wedding traditions, while the spooky anthology is a light paranormal. Traditionally, we publish 3 novellas in each anthology. There are two available "slots" in each at this time. Moonlit Romance publishes racier titles, from PG to R ratings. Moonlit Madness is our "hard R" imprint, but please note: we DO NOT publish erotica.

By Grace Publishing

By Grace Publishing is a small electronic and print on demand publisher. We specialize in G Rated Romance of all kinds. Some of our titles are inspirational, many others are sweet romances. Keep your eye out for romantic suspense, light paranormal, and romantic comedy in addition to our wonderful Christian centered titles.

By Grace's Guidelines

Directly from our website:

Thank you for your interest in our company. If you are a writer with the desire to publish your Christian or tender romance, we would be happy to look at your work. We are also accepting Chick-lit, however we prefer Christian Chick-lit. Secular, but "chaste" Chick-Lit will also be acceptable.

We are a royalty paying publisher. Regrettably, we cannot pay an advance, but we do pay 50% of the net earnings to our authors.

We will provide you with cover art, and promotions. You will be expected to help promote your work.

Our Current Needs As of May 1, 2007

We are swamped with submissions and unfortunately must close our submission door! **Note: we will be re-opening for submissions in the near future.

What we do not want:

Stories that anthropomorphize God, or His angels.
Foul language. If you are unsure, be safe, and do not use the word.
Heroes that do not respect women. This includes stories in which the hero is redeemed.
Graphic violence.
Incomplete manuscripts. We have been known to request a full from a partial in one week.
Divorce that is not for Biblical reasons.

Moonlit Romance's Guidelines

Directly from our website:

All books will be published in ebook format, and print on demand. We are currently accepting submissions of manuscripts, however, please give us at least three months. We are often deluged by submissions. Our guidelines are simple.

We are looking for contemporary AND historical romantic fiction.

Sensuality levels should fall between PG and soft R for our regular lines.

There will be three divisions for length, ranging from 5,000 to 60,000 words.

Paranormal, and time travel will be welcomed under a yet to be named imprint.

Heterosexual, monogamous couples only please.

Also seeking hard R stories for our new Moonlit Madness line.

NO multiple submissions. This means submitting the same manuscript to multiple publishers.

Sensuality LevelsWe define our sensuality levels as PG, soft R, and hard R.

PG contains sexual situations, but no actual sex is described. We pan away from the scene to return later.

Soft R stops the scene just before the act of lovemaking, or moves from the physical aspects to the mental/emotional.

Hard R describes the sexual act, but the focus is still emotional. There must be an emotional attachment before sex can occur, and language must never be crude. We do not publish "erotica."

What We Are Currently Looking For: At this time, both Moonlit Romance and By Grace are looking for a winter themed novel for December, 2008. WINTER, not holiday-themed, please. By Grace is looking for bridal themed novellas for Brides and Bouquets 2008, and two light paranormals for the annual spooky anthology.

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