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Submitting to By Grace and Moonlit Romance

Kathy's Review Corner has reviewed By Grace's Winter Wonders anthology. Click on each authors' name to read their reviews!

Meg Allison
Cindy K. Green
Muncy Chapman
JoAnn Carter


Please note: while Moonlit Romance's submitting guidelines are posted here, Moonlit is currently closed to submissions. Submissions will be reopened late Spring, early Summer of 2008. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our guidelines, read our Tips for a Successful Submission, and be ready to wow our socks of when we reopen!

Moonlit Romance's Guidelines

We are looking for contemporary AND historical romantic fiction.
Sensuality levels should fall between PG and soft R for our regular lines.
There will be three divisions for length, ranging from 5,000 to 60,000 words.

Paranormal, and time travel will be welcomed under a yet to be named imprint.
Heterosexual, monogamous couples only please.

Also seeking hard R stories for our new Moonlit Madness line.

NO multiple submissions. This means submitting the same manuscript to multiple publishers.

Please visit our guidelines page for sensuality levels and word count.

By Grace's Guidelines

As of January 25, 2008

Novellas with a bridal theme for our annual Brides and Bouquets anthology.
Slightly paranormal novellas for our annual paranormal anthology.
Well written G-rated romance.

What we do not want:

Stories that anthropomorphize God, or His angels.
Foul language. If you are unsure, be safe, and do not use the word.
Heroes that do not respect women. This includes stories in which the hero is redeemed.
Graphic violence.
Incomplete manuscripts. We have been known to request a full from a partial in one week.
Divorce that is not for Biblical reasons.

Please visit our guidelines page for specific guidelines.

Tips for a Successful Submission

1. Please check our submissions guidelines and follow them. It is apparent very quickly that guidelines weren't checked or the author simply doesn't care enough to respect our guidelines.
By Grace Publishing Submission Guidelines
Moonlit Romance Submission Guidelines

2. Please be sure that you put which house you're subbing to in the subject line of your email, as submissions for both By Grace and Moonlit Romance go to the same inbox. The *perfect* subject line includes the House: "Query": "Title". An example of the *perfect* subject line: "Moonlit Romance: Query: Hunk-a Hunk-a Burnin' Love."

3. We publish romantic fiction. We are not interested in fan fiction, poetry, non-fiction or anything else that doesn't meet our guidelines.

4. Please no simultaneous submissions.

5. Familiarize yourself with By Grace Publishing and Moonlit Romance--- the types of novels we release, our authors, our readers' loops, our authors' blog, our MySpace site.
By Grace's Readers' Loop
Moonlit Romance's Readers' Loop
Unique Enterprises MySpace
By Grace Website
Moonlit Romance Website

6. A well-written, professional query letter goes a long way to ensuring an editor is interested enough to look at your chapters. In the same vein, to keep the editor reading your chapters, submit your best work. Take the time to run the spell check and the grammar check. Take the time to pay attention to the "little" details. Do your research if you're submitting an historical, and clearly state the year your novel is set in your query. These details can be the difference between a request or a rejection.

7. Please allow us time to read your submission before you email asking for the status of your submission or emailing to ask if we received your submission. We're sorry, it's not possible for us to acknowledge the receipt of every submission received. We're currently running a 3-6 month response time, some times a little longer, sometimes a little shorter.

We're looking forward to reading YOUR fantastic submission. Go ahead. Knock our socks off!

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