Wednesday, January 23, 2008

From Denise Patrick's Desk...

I love Contemporary Christian Music. My favorite radio station is K-LOVE ( In Adopting Alyssa, Kelly listened to a Christian radio station and sang along with the songs (something I do a lot of, too). So, it's no surprise that a song inspired Gina's story. That song is "What Sin?" by Morgan Cryar. It tells the story of a person who asks for forgiveness, but can't believe that forgiveness has been given, so he prays again and God's answer is: "What sin?" It reminds me that once God forgives, the sin is gone.

Strikes Don't Matter is the story of Gina's journey back to God following a childhood incident she feels God couldn't have possibly have forgiven her for. Adam is strong and purposeful in his faith, but becoming involved with Gina tests his resolve because she lives in the one place he does not want to live.

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