Monday, January 7, 2008

Moonlit Romance in the Spotlight: *Learning to Live* by Meg Allison


Backlist Spotlight: Moonlit Romance

In our backlist spotlight today: Learning to Live by Meg Allison. Learning to Live is part of Moonlit's Blue Plate Special: Pops' Girls series, which also includes novels by Shara Jones and Laura Hamby.

As an only child, Meg Allison spent her childhood creating worlds and characters to populate them. It’s amazing how sheer boredom can spark the imagination. Writing those stories down became a necessity when her own identity began to vanish in the daily shuffle of life with five children, a husband, and several assorted pets all clamoring for attention.

An avid reader of romantic fiction, Meg spends her ‘spare’ time writing romance novels and short stories for her publishers when she’s not home schooling, driving the children around town or throwing some attention at her husband. Writing is the best therapy for stress… except when there’s a deadline. Meg is a graduate of the University of Charleston with a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications. In a former life she worked as a reporter for a large newspaper in Charleston, WV.

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Moonlit's Backlist Spotlight continues tomorrow, with an excerpt from Learning to Live by Meg Allison.

The "Hello Contest"

We started off our brand new blog with an invitation to post a simple "hello" for a chance to win an e-book of your choice from either Moonlit Romance or By Grace. The winner of the "Hello Contest" is JENNIE! Congratulations, Jennie. Peruse our websites at your leisure, then email your choice to: ueauthorsblog at yahoo dot com.


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Congrats Jennie!

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Thank you, ladies. I'm very excited to have won a book. Off to look at choices!


Meg Allison said...

Congrats, Jennie! I know you'll enjoy whichever book you choose. :)

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