Thursday, January 3, 2008

January *Name That Title!* Contest

One of our new features: the *Name That Title* (or author) Contest. It's simple. There are 5 hints for you to use to guess the title (or the author!). You email your guess to laurahambyeditor at yahoo dot com (put January Name That Title Contest in the subject line). Next Thursday, all those who sent the correct answer will be eligible for a drawing to win an e-book from the author's backlist (the author who provided the clues.) .


1. The setting of this particular novel is Northern California.

2. It is published by Moonlit Romance.

3. The original title was *Meddling Mamas*.

4. The author is Laura Hamby.

5. Includes a scene in which one of the heroine's best friends explains the facts of life as she puts condiments on a hot dog.


Denise Patrick said...

*jumps up and down waving hands* I know! I know! But, I'll be good and let someone else have a go at it first. This might be a first for me. *grin*

*~~kristy~~* said...

I'm not sure if I'm supposed to e-mail or post, but since I don't know the e-mail, I'm just going to post my answer...Is it "It's All Greek to Me" by Laura Hamby? I think it is...:)