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Will You Marry Me?

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Will You Marry Me? A Writing Prompt

Judy Huston
He was going to ask her to marry him. Megan knew it, had seen it in the resolute set of his mouth as soon as he walked into the library, could even guess the size of the diamond in the small but oh so elegant jewelers box held behind his back.

She could see the box from the heavily curtained alcove into which she had dived minutes ago rather than allow Elaine to catch her rummaging through the drawers in the antique desk. Through the chink she had made in the curtains she could also see the acquisitive gleam in Elaine’s eyes. It was clear that she, too, guess Edward’s intention. In a matter of seconds, unless Megan revealed herself, Edward would be lost to her for ever.

Shara Jones
He jammed his hands into his pocket and strode away from the statuary garden in the center of the town park. Ridiculous idea to propose marriage to Anya in a place filled with images of perfect male specimens. That wouldn’t be exactly conducive to his plan to capture her undivided attention, or for his ego. “Why can’t I just say, ‘Anya, I love you. I want to walk through this life with you by my side.’ What’s wrong with that? Why do I need a fancy setting?” he muttered in frustration.

“The only setting I need is the one with you in it. I accept.” Anya stood like a vision beside his lone car left in the parking lot. Without another word he embraced the only woman he could ever claim as a soul mate.

Robin Bayne
Robert paced the narrow halls of his parents’ home, listening to the click of his own heels on the marble floor. He couldn’t help but wonder how Melissa would react to his proposal, but it did help that last night he could tell her without hesitation that her eyes were the darkest ebony. She’d softened when he’d used that term instead of saying “black.” In fact, she’d kissed him with enthusiasm and brought him a brandy.

Yet he was still unsure, nervous, almost perspiring as he prepared to meet her. She seemed to be angry with him so often, and he had yet to meet her family. He pivoted and paced toward the veranda. Maybe some fresh air would help calm him. Yes, a few deep breaths of fresh country air should help. And then he’d ask Melissa to marry him.

Denise Patrick
It was too cold to be standing out here looking up at the window. Unfortunately, I couldn't seem to convince myself to move. Warm light spilled out of the front door of the apartments. Only a few steps and I could be inside. Thawing out as I decided what to do. The breeze picked up and blew snow off the branches of the tree above me. I shivered as I felt the cold, wet stuff trickle down my collar. Inside my coat pocket, my hand curled around the small object I carried.

Somehow I found myself at Jessica's door. My fingers had begun to thaw, and I was sure that I was rubbing the finish off the jeweler’s box in my pocket. The door opened. Her gray eyes lit up and she squealed in delight. I was lost when she threw herself into my arms, but the hallway wasn't the place for what I'd come to say.

Josh Lockwood
She was going to say, “No,” he could feel it coming, and his heart shriveled within him. He just wasn’t good at flowery words, at making puppy-dog eyes, yet he knew that’s what she wanted. His knuckles turned white gripping the stems of the bouquet, the awkward lump of the ring box was still there in his pocket, and he knew he was going to do it in spite of himself. He took a deep breath, exhaled heavily, and pressed the doorbell.

“Please, God,” he muttered in the darkness, “hold me up.”

Laura Hamby
She couldn't refuse, this much Gary knew. What else could he do to prove to her that he really loved her? He did listen when she prattled away about her hopes, dreams, the perfect marriage proposal she'd been dreaming about since the tender age of six. She'd have to take him seriously---everything was in place. It would be perfect.

Logan watched his brother rehearsing the marriage proposal in the mirror. Hoo boy, the youngster had it B-A-D. Gary had himself so hyped up, he'd never listen to reason. Desiree found him interesting. A toy to play with as long as he amused her---fell over himself to gain her attention. The best Logan could do was shove Hope in Gary's direction to intercept him before he acted upon the worst decision of his young life. If that failed, Logan had filled his fridge with Gary's favorite beer in anticipation of having to lubricate his brother out of the doldrums when Desiree laughed in his face.

Judy Jarvie
Freda tried not to show her irritation and pulled on her ‘grin and bear it’ face. She hated arcade games – she’d deplored them as a child, as an adult she’d rather blowtorch her own eyebrows than waste time and money hoping for pointless prizes. And here was Rex winning everything in the place with ease; as if she cared.

”Look at this,” Rex invited as he flipped the prize container open and presented her with a ring. Uh-oh – surely no ring in a two bit arcade place could sparkle as much as this little beauty? He smiled, then grinned, then pushed it towards her left hand. “It’s a set up Freda. This ring’s no replica honey. So will you?”

Gina Hartoog
It was late and the beach was deserted. Garth gripped Natalie’s hand a little tighter and started back down the path to the hotel. The moon nestled behind the clouds but there was enough light to form strange shadow patterns on the cobblestones. A crisp breeze filtered in off the sea and Natalie shivered.

Garth took off his jacket and slipped it over her bare shoulders. It took him a few seconds to realize his mistake. He cursed silently. Now, my whole plan’s ruined. At a bend in the path they stopped and sat down on a small, iron bench. “I need my handkerchief,” Garth said suddenly. “Here, let me get it.”

He reached over and slipped his hand into the top pocket of the jacket. His fingers closed around the velvet box. Then as quickly as he could, before Natalie could realize, he dropped to his knees on the cobbled pathway, turned to her and said,
“Natalie Thom, will you marry me?”

MG Braden
Greg paced back and forth. It has to be just right. He wasn’t even sure he had the timing down. Maybe he should wait. Maybe not. No, he knew it had to be now, or never. With Tanya leaving tomorrow, he needed to get on it. Her promotion was very important to her.

“Hey, Greg. What’s going on?”

Greg sighed. “I’m thinking about giving Brad the Edmonton position. What I mean is… what I’m trying to say is… I’m hoping you’ll be too busy to go. Oh, God. I’m totally botching this.” Greg pulled a small box out of his suit pocket and bent to one knee. Offering up the box to Tanya he continued, “Tanya, you know I’m not good at this sentimental stuff. But, I love you. More than anything. Will you stay here and help me run the company? Will you stay here and have my children? Will you stay here and marry me?”

Tanya, tears shining in her eyes, hands trembling, reached out for the box. “Yes. Yes to it all.”

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