Thursday, February 7, 2008

Name That Title... February

Time to Name That Title! Below are 5 clues provided by the author about one of her Unique Enterprises titles. Guess the correct title, and you'll win a free e-book from the author's backlist. Easy, peasy. Just post your guess as a comment. The first correct guess wins! The winner will be announced on a future post, with directions on how to claim the prize.

Good luck and have fun.

1.The story’s main setting is a dance studio.

2. The author is Robin Bayne.

3. The story was published with another author’s story.

4. The story is a sequel to an earlier story, in which our heroine was the villain.

5. After reading this story, a fellow writer told me she went to her husband as he came in from the wintry weather to see if she could observe what is described in the title.

1 comment:

Barbara said...

The Scent of Falling Snow is the title