Monday, February 18, 2008

Moonlit Romance Release Week: *Temporary Intrigue* by Judy Huston

Judy Huston Biography

After following the path of newspaper journalism for most of her working life, Judy decided to hit the freelance trail a few years ago. Since then she has ghost-written private biographies for people who want to put their life stories into print for their families. She has also had some children’s stories published, as well as articles for literary magazines. Most importantly she has accumulated a library of romance novels, because she enjoys the relaxation of reading them and the challenge of trying to write them.

Judy has two grown up children and an ongoing procession of cats. She lives in the Hunter Region of New South Wales in Australia, not far from the coastal city of Newcastle, which provides the setting for her first romance novel, Temporary Intrigue, published by Moonlit Romance in February 2008.

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