Wednesday, February 27, 2008

By Grace Release Tidbits

Get the inside scoop about the short shorts in February's Romance is in the Air anthology, available from By Grace this week!

Sherry (Shara) Jones ~ Whispers in the Wind

Living in my part of Texas, prone to short winters and long months of warm weather, we can guarantee that by the end of February, spring really is just around the corner. Despite a last few freezing days, the crepe myrtle trees, with their beautiful fuchsia color explosions, manage to survive our weather and flourish.

Sometimes two people, despite the obstacles and against the odds, manage to find each other and create an attraction so strong that their love seems to whisper in the wind…

Susan Atwood ~ Will You Be My Valentine?

This story arose from the “What If...” game. What if... the new neighbor you maybe-sorta-kinda have a crush on came into the card shop where you worked and you had to help him pick out a Valentine’s Day gift for another woman?

My heroine, Beth, loves old, romantic movies. So do I :) Some of my favorites are “An Affair to Remember” and “The Philadelphia Story.”

Robin Bayne ~ The Red Hat

When I was in high school I did some local modeling, and my favorite prop was a red felt hat. I liked all sorts of hats, but that was my favorite, and that is the hat I envisioned when I wrote “The Red Hat.” However, I never wore it into a movie theater like my heroine does in the opening of the story. The Valentine’s theme during the month of February also made me want to use a prop of this color, to go along with all the red hearts being sent among lovers.

The setting is actually one from my life. Before I started working in the mortgage banking industry I worked for a builder as a sales rep, and the model home I worked from is the one I set the story in. The hero, though, is completely from my imagination.

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