Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Writing Prompts: St. Patrick's Day Limericks

Strikes Don't Matter by Denise Patrick Reviewed by Coffeetime Romance

I am thoroughly impressed with Ms. Patrick’s writing style... Krista, Coffeetime Romance. Read this 4 Cup Review HERE.


Margaret Callaghan

An Irishman living in Spain
Went walking one day on the plain.
He came to a river
And crossed in a dither
And never was heard of again.

JoAnn Carter

St. Patrick went to Ireland in the 5th century to proclaim…

There is no greater joy my dear friend,
then to know Jesus whom God ever sends.
To live in our hearts,
He never will part.
Praise God, He’ll be with me to the end!

Robin Bayne

St Paddy’s is a day of great joy,
Did you know he was once a real boy?
He cared for us all,
The weak and the small,
Now his day we can all enjoy.

Cindy K. Green

There once was a lass name Kathleen
Who was fresh as a rose at eighteen
She met a nice lad; who was of the name of Chad
And they lived happily ever after in a house of sage green

Gina Hartoog

There once was an Irish gent
Who lived in a striking green tent
Then on St. Patrick’s Day
The wind came up and blew it away

Josh Lockwood

There was an old man from Claddagh
Had a tryst with the sheriff’s dear Ma.
He ran out of the town
With his trousers still down,
Just one hop ahead of the law.

Judy Huston

It’s snake-free in Ireland, they say
‘Cause when my forebears set sail one fine day,
St Pat gave ‘em a bin
Reptile-packed to the brim
And said, “Take the darlin’s Down Under to stay!”

Judy Jarvie

There once was a man called O’Malley
So in love with a woman called Sally
That he went half insane
When he just heard her name
And a glimpse of her sent him Doolally!

Grace Tyler

There was an old man from Nantucket
Who kept all his balls in a bucket.
On the fairway he’d play.
At the end of the day
Poor man was too tired to duck it.

Meg Allison

There once was a lovely Colleen,
Who thought all of life she had seen,
She traveled to Galway; O’Brien had his way,
Soon she found out what living did mean.

Sherry (Shara) Jones

From a leprechaun a country girl won a charm.
She looked around her place in alarm.
She gave the clover a kiss,
Made a magical wish,
And suddenly Handsome Dan appeared on her farm.

Laura Hamby

There once was a man in green
Upon his hat he wore a bean
For luck, so he said
This bean on his head
And his grin was wide and serene

Angie Martin

In Ireland there once was a guy with a stick
who had a very neat trick.
He banned all the snakes
from the land and the lakes,
that’s why they call him SAINT Patrick

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Deb said...

Hey! Where's mine?

A Cork City gent we’ll call Paddy
Discovered he’d soon be a daddy.
With his friends in the town
He drank quite a few rounds.
And his hangover was a real baddie.