Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Moonlit Romance in the Spotlight: *Taking the Leap* by Judy Jarvie

Practice nurse Anya Fraser’s adopted son is at the centre of her life.  But when her new senior partner, Dr Max Calder arrives at work, distracting her in too many ways, suddenly her anti-relationship mantra isn’t working. Max volunteers to help her succeed at the charity parachute jump she’s so terrified of and attraction simmers from the off. Taking a leap of faith has never proved so scary nor so attractive –- how will they cope with the challenge of working together and taking to the skies? And resisting a future their pasts taught them to avoid?

Taking the Leap by Judy Jarvie

Next day Max strode through Cala Muir reception in pale khaki aviator overalls that were so sinfully sexy they should have carried a censorship warning and encryption against susceptible female attention. From head to foot he represented every woman’s private Topgun fantasy. Or Anya’s anyway. She gulped.

Even in unflattering utility wear the guy was super hot.

Could she be losing her wits lately? All she had on the brain when it came to Max nowadays was lustful thoughts. All too easily her thoughts slipped to wondering what it would be like to open up all those press stud fastenings and zippers and slip her hands inside. To wonder what lurked beneath? Boxer shorts? Or gulp, count to three and keep calm, less than the above? Daredevil Doc. Commando. She recognised the now familiar striking way her pulse bobbed when his eyes met hers.

“Ready for adventure?” he teased. “Hey where’s your suit? Not chicken are you?”

She faltered.

“Er, I’m running late. Do we all have to wear those?”

He nodded sagely. “Oh yes. No half measures when Katie’s in charge.”

In spite of the comic overtones of his words, his hot look told her she needed to baton down her susceptibility force-field. She’d have to try her best to keep him at arms’ length if she were to stay level headed.

“All ready for my close up, Mr. De Mille!” He feigned a thespian tone. “How do you want me?”

Dressed like that, the epitome of her every bad boy fantasy? She could name a good dozen positions. All of them indecent, flagrant and raunchy.

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