Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Editor’s Desk: Tip of the Day...Revising Your Manuscript

Okay. You’ve written the first (or rough) draft of your Magnificent Novel. Congratulations! That’s an accomplishment, whether you’re published or not. It means you found a story to tell that you were passionate enough about to bother committing to...er...computer memory. ;)

You’re done. Right?


Now it’s time to revise.

Wait a minute. I’ve heard this word "revise" before. Do I have to?

In a nutshell: YES!

Reasons to Revise:

To make your novel the best it can be.

That’s it. Really. It’s your chance to make sure you’ve tied up all the loose ends. That the character and story arc mesh to make this story work. To tighten your prose; to balance your narrative, exposition and action; strengthen your characters’ GMC; to add that extra added *punch!* to the emotion....In short, making your novel the best it can be.

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