Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A Rock Star By Any Other Name...

We weigh the names we give our children. Our pets. Some of us name our houses and cars, too. And then for writers, there’s naming characters. This can be easy, it can be hard. However, we have Blog Things to help us name our next Rock Star Character. GO HERE!

Blog mistresses Laura and Angie have learned the following:

Laura will have a rock star named Brooklyne Vicious. Now there’s a visual for you. Brooklyne is 6 feet tall, barefooted. She’s fond of wearing retro-1970's wedges, which brings her to a towering 6 ft. 5 in., give or take an inch or two. Her long black hair is sleek and shiny, the perfect foil for her pale pink complexion and deep blue eyes. She prefers halter tops (a la the 1970's) and tight fighting leggings, with large clunky jewelry. Her dramatic use of black eyeliner and bright blue eyeshadow complete her "signature look."

Angie will have a rock star named Skittlez Destruction.
Skittlez is a very colourful person. She is short, only 4’ 9” but makes up for this by having her short bright pink hair fluffed up really high and wearing sparkly light blue 6” heels. In between she prefers to wear light green sparkly tight clothes, and a wide shiny purple belt, which may not be the best look for her, as she is about the same girth as her height. She tends to remind people of a happy Easter egg while singing and dancing around on stage.

What are you waiting for? Go find out what you should name YOUR rock star character!

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